Medicare psychology items during COVID-19

Clients with a Mental Health Care Plan under Better Access can now attend telehealth psychology sessions.”Telehealth” sessions can be conducted by videoconference or by phone.
Note that these counselling sessions are conducted under the same criteria as regular Better Access sessions (items 80100 and 80110). So if you have had 5 ‘regular’ in-person Better Access sessions, you can now have 5 telehealth sessions. This initiative has a 6 month limit from March 13, so may not be available after September 13. On the other hand, the government may decide at that time to extend it.
If you don’t have a Mental Health Care Plan, or prefer not to go through the Medicare system,  you can book a telehealth session during the COVID-19 crisis (or in fact, any time). During the crisis, private health insurance companies, as well as TAC and WorkCover have allowed telehealth sessions to be eligible for their rebates or third party payments. Check with your health fund before booking to ensure your eligibility and determine your rebates.

Booking telehealth appointments

You can book a telehealth appointment by contacting your regular psychologist, or if you are a new client, completing our contact form, and we can arrange an appointment with your preferred practitioner.*
*Subject to availability.