Deborah Hart

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Who am I?

I have spent the first three decades of my working life as a professional horn player with orchestras around Australia and The Netherlands. Most of that time I struggled to consistently produce my best under the constant pressure of performing at the elite level. That experience made me curious about why humans struggle mentally and emotionally, and it was a revelation to me when I had my first ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) session with a psychologist in 2010.

From that moment, I have been on a path to help others with ACT, initially as a performance coach and now also as an ACT therapist.

After studying at Monash University, I became a qualified and registered counsellor in 2016, but my own unique perspective as someone who has benefitted from ACT has given me a deep understanding from which to help my clients. I understand how ACT can change your life and I have walked the path from sadness, worry and frustration myself.

I am a member of the The Australian Counselling Association and I abide by their code of ethics.

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What type of clients do I work with?

As a generalist counsellor and ACT Therapist, I work with adults who are struggling with stress, worry and anxiety, relationships, life direction and career and workplace conflicts as well as focus and motivation.

My special interest is using ACT and Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT) to help clients with performance anxiety perform their best under pressure. I also help with strategies for preparation and practice to support peak performance in auditions, exams and on the stage.

I am not a psychologist and I cannot offer a Medicare rebate. Here is the  Scope of Practice for counsellors registered with the Australian Counselling Association.


To make an appointment, email
[email protected]

I offer a free introductory 30 minute phone conversation with people who are interested in learning if I could be helpful to you. To arrange this call please email [email protected] .

I am also available for phone or Zoom sessions Australia wide.


Monday 11am to 7pm


$100 per session (for new clients starting February 2020)

Payment must be made immediately after the consultation. There are no exceptions.
We accept: Visa, Mastercard, Cash or Cheque. EFTPOS facilities are available on site.

Rebates & Referrals

Clients do not require a referral from a GP to make an appointment with a counsellor. However counsellors are not able to claim Medicare rebates and therefore Medicare rebates are NOT available. 

Want to read more?

To read more about me and my blogs about ACT and music performance go to my website.

Here is my Facebook page for ACT and musicians.

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