Yes. The government have made a special range of items, just like the regular Medicare items 80110 and 80100, and these telehealth sessions are available to all Australians with a Medicare card and mental health treatment plan referral. For more information about Medicare rebates please see our ‘Can I receive a Medicare rebate for seeing a psychologist?’

Rural telehealth appointments

In addition, in 2018, the government made telehealth psychological counselling available to clients in rural and remote Australia. To see if your area is eligible, search for your town/location here and click on “Modified Monash Model” in the filter on the left. Zones 4-7 are eligible for these telehealth items. Find out more about these items here:

Non-Medicare sessions

Regular non-Medicare sessions can also be conducted by telephone or videoconference. Check with your health fund as to whether they will provide a rebate for these sessions.