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Depression can be considered one of the most common psychological conditions known to man, but unfortunately it’s also a condition that can take a serious toll over one’s life if not managed properly. Sadly, those with depression do have a tendency to keep their troubles to themselves out of a variety of reasons, which can sometimes make it challenging to properly diagnose those that need help. However, before you proceed to seek help for yourself or for others you think have depression, perhaps it’s important to understand what depression is and how it can affect others.

What Is Depression?

Depression, also called major depressive disorder, is a serious mental health condition that can affect not just how you feel, but also how you act and how you think in extremely negative ways. It causes loss of interest in hobbies, passions, and activities that you may have enjoyed, and can be characterised as a feeling of prolonged sadness. Due to this mixture of feelings and behaviours, it can result to various physical and emotional woes that can hinder you from functioning properly at home, at school, or at work.

What Causes Depression?

Symptoms of depression vary as different people experience feelings of sadness in different ways and spectrums. As such, depressive symptoms can range from mild to severe, and may include things such as:

  • Changes in sleeping or appetite habits, such as excessive or less eating and sleeping.
  • Loss of interest in pleasurable activities or interests and energy, while at the same time experiencing fatigue.
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, depression, or sadness.
  • Suicidal thoughts and tendencies, as well as thoughts on death.

Just because depression is a serious condition, however, doesn’t mean it’s impossible to treat. Fortunately, depression is treatable, albeit it just needs time, effort and patience.

Depression: What Are Its Risk Factors

Similar to other mental health conditions, depression has its own set of risk factors. These are factors that increase the risk of developing a depressive disorder, and it can range from a variety of circumstances and situations. These include:

  • Environmental factors, where situations such as poverty, abuse, neglect, or violence can slowly drive a person to a depressive state.
  • Personality, where people who are generally pessimistic, easily stressed, or with low self-esteem seem to be prone to develop depression.
  • Genetics, where sometimes depression can actually run in the family. For instance, if an identical twin has a depressive disorder, there’s a 70-percent likelihood that the other may develop the condition in their lifetime.
  • Biochemistry, where differences in chemicals in the body can contribute to depressive symptoms.

Helping You With Depression

Depression, despite being a common psychological condition, isn’t something to take lightly. While depression should normally be manageable, there really are times when depression strikes and we feel overwhelmed by life’s worries. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals around the world are plagued by depression and the various emotional, physical, and mental strains it brings. If you feel as though depression is taking too much of a toll on your life and your relationship with others, do feel free to approach Act of Living. Our team of professionals are equipped with the training, skills, and experience you may need in order to find ways to manage your depression in ways that would help you reach for a better and brighter life ahead. Call today.

Our Depression Counselling Practitioners

Josh Hobson


About Josh Josh Hobson is a compassionate and supportive psychologist who works with his clients to identify their inner strengths, and to draw on these strengths so that his clients can bring about the change that they want to see in their lives. Josh empowers his clients to achieve their goals and work towards the…

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Dayana Noor


About Dayana Dayana is a Registered Psychologist with the Psychologist Board of Australia. She is also a full member of the Australian Psychological Society and a member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science. She holds a Master of Psychology (Counselling), a Post-graduate Diploma in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and a Diploma in…

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Patch Callahan

Clinical Psychologist

About Patch Patch has been working as a clinical psychologist since 2010 in public youth mental health, child/developmental, health psychology, headspace, and hospital-based outpatient group therapy. He has trained in and worked with a range of evidence-based therapies, however, his passion, both personally and professionally, is with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. It is extremely important…

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Brock Bastian


About Brock Practising as a psychologist for the past 15 years I have worked with a great variety of people from a wide range of backgrounds. My approach draws on humanist-existential psychology, which means that I aim to help people build a sense of meaning and coherence to their experiences. I also draw heavily on…

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Steve Fahey


About Steve After previously working in the corporate and tertiary education sectors, Steve Fahey has been a registered psychologist since 2004. He has worked as a counsellor in community and family therapy agencies as well as providing coaching and counselling to employees. In recent years he has provided a broad range of psychological services (prevention,…

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Deborah Hart

ACT Therapist, Counsellor and Coach

Who am I? I have spent the first three decades of my working life as a professional horn player with orchestras around Australia and The Netherlands. Most of that time I struggled to consistently produce my best under the constant pressure of performing at the elite level. That experience made me curious about why humans…

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Jed Blore

Jed Blore, Social Worker & Counsellor

Social Worker

About Jed I specialise in counselling for men. I have worked as a counsellor and mental health practitioner for the past two years in correctional and community settings with men who have experiences ranging from harmful substance use and co-occurring mental ill-health, to traumatic stress, justice involvement, and homelessness. I continue this work three days per…

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Nicole Lockwood

Psychology Intern

About Nicole Nicole is a Provisional Psychologist with a strong people focus and a love of communication, mindfulness and engagement. She enjoys finding connection, developing rapport and establishing warm, collaborative working relationships with clients to explore and discover ways to incorporate vitality and meaning in alignment with their values in everyday life. Nicole’s person-centered approach…

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