Yes! If you have a referral from your GP or psychiatrist for a mental health treatment plan you will be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate of $87.45 (for a general psychologist) or $128.40 (for a clinical psychologist) for each appointment. You will still need to pay the gap fee – this varies depending on the practitioner, but most practitioners charge $180 so the gap will then be $92.55 (general psychologist) or $51.60 (clinical psychologist).

Please note – you cannot receive a Medicare rebate if you are seeing one of our counsellors or provisional psychologists. However, their fees reflect this and are about the same as the gap fee you would be paying if you saw a psychologist with a referral.

How many sessions do I get?

Your GP will refer you for a certain number of initial sessions (usually six). Once you have used these sessions, you can discuss with your psychologist about whether further sessions are required. You will then need to speak with your GP to get a re-referral for additional sessions. You are eligible for up to 20 sessions per calendar year. Of course, you are welcome to continue after the Medicare sessions have been used up.

I don’t have a referral, how do I get one?

– Book in to see your GP for a 30 minute appointment
– They will assess whether you are eligible for a mental health treatment plan and send our clinic a referral letter

IMPORTANT: Please tell our clinic if you already have a mental health treatment plan and already received rebates when seeing a psychologist this calendar year.

Have further questions? Call our clinic, our friendly receptionists will be happy to answer any questions you have.