Contactless Payment at ACT of Living

During the pandemic we have shifted many of our processes from ‘in-person’ to online.  One of the most important of these has been contactless payment.
Before the pandemic, you would  have paid using your credit or debit card with the EFTPOS terminal at our reception desk, or by direct deposit after we emailed you an invoice. During the lockdowns the EFTPOS terminal was unavailable and the second method often involved extensive email chains or rounds of ‘phone tag’ when people forgot or lost track of the invoice.
Earlier this year, to overcome these problems, we signed up with Medipass, ( a digital payment provider specialising in the healthcare industry. This allows us to process your payment and rebate in a simple online procedure that our admin team can carry out without having to phone you or wait for you to return their call.
To initiate this process we request your consent to store your credit card and Medicare details with Medipass. If you are attending sessions in person we can do this onsite before or immediately after your session. If you are attending your first session ‘remotely’ – i.e. by telehealth – our admin people will contact you the business day after your session to obtain these details.


For subsequent sessions, you won’t have to do a thing. Our team will debit your card the business day following the session and immediately process any applicable rebates you are eligible for.
Please remember that to receive the rebate, you will need to:
  • Have your bank account connected to your Medicare number and to your private health fund for receiving those rebates. You can find out how to link your bank account to your Medicare number here.
  • Make sure that we have been provided with an appropriate referral from your GP or psychiatrist. You can find out more about those requirements here.
  • Please let us know if your credit or debit card is about to expire or does not have enough funds.


Please be assured that Medipass maintains the same level of security on this information as any of the online service providers you probably already store those details with (think Uber, Deliveroo, Netflix etc. In fact those companies do not abide by Health Privacy Principles as Medipass does).
If you wish, you can open your own account with Medipass and store the details yourself. Let us know if that is your preferred option. However we do not require you to do that – we are sure most of you already have enough usernames and passwords to remember!
This process will save you time congregating around the reception area, and waiting as our reception staff process payments and physically handle your cards.
Now they will process the payment and the rebate the business day after your appointment and you will be free to leave immediately after your session ends.