Here’s your free audio mindfulness exercise

Thanks for your interest in the Mindfulness in ACTion program.

Here’s your free audio exercise, so you can get a taste of what the program is like before we launch it in August.

Even if you decide the program isn’t for you, you’re welcome to try out this Self-Compassion exercise.

What is this exercise?
This Self-Compassion exercise trains two of the 6 psychological flexibility skills you’ll learn in Mindfulness in ACTion: Openness and Selfing. Openness is the ability to allow your feelings to freely be what they are. Selfing is the ability to distinguish between you and what you think, do and feel.

Why is this important?
Openness allows you to accept what you feel and then to pursue what you value. You can then direct your actions according to your choices rather than to temporary feelings. Selfing gives you a stable starting point from which to make those choices.

[P.S. Don’t worry if this description seems vague or intellectual. The program is not. You’ll learn these skills by experiencing them, not talking about them]

What’s next?
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