About Julian McNally

A seasoned counseling psychologist since 1995, embraced Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in 2003, drawn to its mindfulness aspects that complemented his Zen Buddhism and Taoism background. He pioneered the creation of “6 ACT Conversations,” the first online audio ACT training resource hosted by RMIT University. Widely utilized by ACT practitioners and clients, it’s prominently featured in “Mindfulness and Acceptance for Counseling College Students.”

Julian’s impact extends beyond online resources. He counsels individuals in Melbourne and supervises ACT practitioners globally through virtual platforms. As principal psychologist at Melbourne’s ACT center, The ACT of Living, Julian holds esteemed positions in psychological associations, including Fellow of the APS College of Counseling Psychology and leadership roles in ACBS. He’s also a registered supervisor with AHPRA, specializing in feedback-informed therapy and providing supervision for psychologists at all career stages.

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Medical Practitioners and other referrers
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